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8 Things Every Husband Secretly Wants From His Wife but are too shy to ask for it


Most men won’t admit it, but they secretly want these 8 things.

Everyone knows the perfect relationship doesn’t exist – even the happiest relationships are made up of sacrifices and negotiations. But that doesn’t change the fact that everyone dreams about their perfect relationship, where everything goes according to plan and there are never any problems.

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It’s not uncommon for a woman to dream of her “prince charming” and her dream home, even if she’s knows her dreams won’t exactly come true.

But what may be surprising is that men also have these kinds of dreams. They dream of a perfect wife and a perfect life. Your mister might not ask you directly to help him make his dreams be as close to reality as possible, so it’s important that a wife knows them for herself. Here are eight things your husband secretly wants from his wife:

#1. Surprises. From a surprise dinner, taking him on a random trip, or surprising him with a small gift, your husband will love you for it. Being surprised by the woman you love is something every man wants.

#2. Honesty. Men want a woman who is completely honest with him. This might seem practically impossible, since everyone has secrets, but men would love to marry a woman who he can trust fully. Do your best to be honest and open with your mister and he’ll want to do the same in return.

#3. Deep talks. Any man would love to have a woman who makes him think. Respectfully question his ideals, play intellectual games together and have deep discussions about topics you both enjoy talking about.

#4. To be taken care of. When he comes home from a long day in the office, a man wants to be taken care of. That may mean coming home to his favorite meal, getting a long kiss from his honey and the chance to relax after a long day. Most men will deny this (especially since he knows how hard you work too), but they love the idea of having a woman take care of them so they can unwind.

#5. For you to love yourself. Every man appreciates when a woman takes care of herself because she likes who she is. He loves you no matter what, but showing your confidence by how you speak about yourself and how you dress is impressive to him. He feels so lucky to have a woman like you at his side.