Caption: Two criminals ( Mohammed Hassan and Wilfred Musau) They are behind looting of National Bank of Kenya. 

The Uninspiring National Bank of Kenya CEO Wilfred Musau has decided to use a route that many have used and terribly failed. Musau has rushed to court, seeking orders to find Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi to be in contempt of court, In matters that are in public domain, pertaining the looting and plunder of National Bank of Kenya.

This is after the Central Bank of Kenya governor Njoroge Patrick ordered Musau to gag all those ” Making Noise ” lest he acts.

Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi has recently questioned why those that were mentioned in Munir Ahmed’s Scandals are still running the show at National Bank of Kenya.

A case in point is Bernadette Ngara that was mentioned in many scandals in Munir Ahmed’s era. Indeed, National Bank Of Kenya is still under siege and being run through the backdoor by none other than Munir Ahmed.

CEO Wilfred Musau is a man under Siege, being controlled by Munir Ahmed’s girlfriend Bernadette Ngara, who has now embarked on a sham Marketing campaign aimed at stealing the little NSSF bailed out the least trusted bank with.

The unintelligent Musau forgets that it is the Blogger Nyakundi’s articles that raised awareness leading to the firing of Munir team that was on a looting spree.

Kenyans on Twitter, Led by Nyakundi has questioned why Munir is still running the bank from behind the scenes and why Munir remnants are still at the lender. He also forgets that even if they gag Nyakundi, other bloggers can get the information and bring it to the public domain. Tells you how ”Lightweight-Minded” Musau is. Looks like his love for the skirt clouds his thinking.

Feeling the pressure, Njoroge Patrick has now ordered Wilfred Musau to gag the blogger, to avoid a lot of damage, a matter that has been backed up by Bernadette Ngara.

Director marketing & corporate communications Bernadette Ngara is also another unqualified person to manage such a sensitive docket. She was a long time secretary at Smithklime Beecham where she was sacked. Her credentials in line with her role are wanting. Munir hand-picked her so that she can help him to eat the humongous marketing, branding and corporate communications budget.

Due to her insecurities of her credentials, she has mastered the art of nepotism and tribalism and has employed her relatives and lover to help her steal the bank’s money. The head of projects Andrew Karuku is her longtime lover. Marketing and Design Manager James Kairo and Corporate Communications, and Website Digital Branding Patrick Kinyua are her close relatives. These were very junior staff at GT bank to warrant such senior and intellectually inclined positions.

Caption: Bernadette Ngara. All those at National Bank Must know she got her Job after sleeping with Munir Ahmed

We will expose more about this Munir remnant soon.


The truth is that Looting has not stopped at National Bank of Kenya and for the situation to be salvaged, all Munir remnants starting with Musau Bernadette Must go

Thoman Gachie is another remnant looting NBK

Another Remnant director Reuben

We also have Director Musa Adan Islamic

We also have Company secretary Aswani