lilian-muliCelebrated Citizen TV presenter Lilian Muli has for the first time narrated details of an emotional point in her life when a scandalous video of her causing a scene at a Nairobi restaurant went viral.

Muli described the incident that happened late last year,as the lowest point in her life adding that she received a lot of support from her bosses at the Royal Media Services including the Chairman >S.K Macharia and the company’s managing director Wachira Waruru.

Muli stated that her bosses did not judge her but advised her to learn from the incident.

“They told me;’at least now you know that you are a person being watched and whatever you do in public,you have to carry out yourself in a certain way. …” She stated in an interview with <em>eDaily.

“But the lowest moment at the time was just trending for three days non-stop.I kept looking at Twitter and I was like that was real cyber-bullying! Oh My God! It was crazy!” the flamboyant presenter added.

She narrated that at one point she had to work as the scandal was still trending, only for her to get a high fever and finally having to go to the&nbsp;hospital where she was nearly admitted for an anxiety attack.

Fortunately, the TV presenter was able to overcome the emotional downturn and has continued to build her career on TV and as a respected master of ceremony for corporate events.

During the said incident, Muli was captured hurling insults at a waitress over what she termed as “shoddy service” and an incorrigible attitude