After her nasty separation with husband Dennis Okari she has been fixated on making topic and highlights on social media for all the wrong reasons.

Though she talked about the challenges she has had to face after divorcing with her husband and being accused to sleeping with a powerful politician, seems like she is doing a good job to make people talk even more.

Active online users are now talking after a hint she made on political affiliation between Nasa and Jubilee confusing many on where she stands and supports.

The sassy media personality posted an ambiguous message on her Facebook page and everyone interpreted the message in their own way resulting to chaos on her timeline.

The post read: “Great weekend people. Remember whoever ‘u-NASA-pot’, ‘ Tuko Pamoja’ kama Wakenya,”

Here is the reaction that followed after their personal interpretation on the post:

Pablo Mkenya: Tunajua unasupport NASA juu ya sponsor… usijali, utapata Porsche ingine aki win….

Michael Githu: Hata Betty na vile tunapenda ile news ya guest anchor kumbe wewe ni mkabila hivyo

David Mwangi: Excuse me plz read the message again and again to understand!!!!!!! Where did BETTY said that she is in NASA,??????

Dantez Alvez: Oh..I thought journalist should be neutral,anyway we knew you are a NASA supporter even how you conduct those interviewsteambetty2