A section of KPL club fans have warned their players against visiting betting cybers ahead of the team’s matches, saying any losses registered after the said games will be linked to sabotage from players.

The fans are still unhappy with two of their players for allegedly placing bets against their side and subsequently failing to work hard in the pitch to win the bets.

The fans are specific about a match which ended in a draw after it emerged that some of their players had visited the cyber to place bets prior to the match.

They claimed the opponent team was too weak to get a draw and that draw could have been as a result of some players pulling in the opposite direction depending on what they had betted for.

The fans have threatened to take action against players who will be spotted at betting places or expose and shame them over the bad habit. “We will not take it lightly if we lose matches where some of the players who are fielded are serious gamblers,” one of the fans told offside.

They now want teams to ban their players from betting to avert cases where players could influence the outcome of matches to win bets.

“The league is just beginning and we have started seeing these ugly things, what will happen after 10 or so games?” posed a concerned fan. They have reminded the players who are into betting that they should first resign and become ordinary hustlers to engage in the ‘investment’. “

Betting is for village and city hustlers. Not those in the teams.