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Currently, the unemployment rate is at 39.1 percent (Report by United Nations Human Development Index (HDI ) 2017) This is as a result of several factors but majorly contributed by the education system. The kind of education offered in Kenya is more less of a sieve that eliminates those who don’t excel in exams.

The same system also seems to provide irrelevant skills that cannot be applied in some fields hence leaving most graduates/students jobless as there are no matching employment opportunities to their skills.

This year’s Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) recorded a massive failure of candidates with more than half of the students who sat KCSE last year having scored D+ and below. Also, most institutions of higher learning have seen a large number of students graduate in different fields and with different honors (but a good number did not make it as result of varied reasons). What does this translate to? What next for this cohort? Does it then mean that this is a group of failed young Kenyans with no or limited opportunities to advance to the next level of pursuing their life goals and dreams?

What next?

Asking this question is important in getting over failure. It will make you think of the possible consequences of the supposed failure and once that’s done, the realization that exam failure isn’t actually the end of the world. This thought can only flourish as result of belief in oneself to be able to pursue and actually be successful in a specific field of focus. Your mind will then start thinking of ways to actually pursue that which you have a passion for and an equal measure of untapped skill within oneself.

Supportive and potential opportunities

I cannot stress enough about how important and imperative this facet is to these fresh graduates and high school leavers. In the quest for finding ways to pursue that which you have a passion for and in unleashing your potential, there are supportive vocational training institutes that offer innovative and forward-thinking learning experience that fosters independent decision-making, self-expression and in turn, prepare you to thrive in global, dynamic and multi-faceted industry environments.

Admedia Film Hub is one of the finest film & photography hub in the region that keenly focuses on tapping into the potential of those with interest in film and photography. Their three-month program is tailor-made to take advantage of this potential and build on the understanding that students learn best by doing, and by extension take students through complimentary courses on how to commercialize the skills acquired. For more information, log on to 

It’s the beginning

The quest to contribute your absolute best to the benefit of oneself and the nation by extension can only come to reality once you take that great step to START. Discover that which you love doing, invest in it, put effort and time into it and stick with it. When all is said and done, you can thrive and work anywhere in your field of your emphasis. 

PS: “there’s no such thing as failure, only feedback”