Nairobi residents woke up to the rude shock of discovering a coffin dumped in the middle of the street in the central business district.
According to social media posts seen by Kenyan Digest on Monday, August 7, the casket was dumped on Wabera Street just outside the Trattoria restaurant.
From the videos and photos, it was evident that no one dared go near the casket, fearing what they might find inside.
This incident comes a day to the election where there has been tension over what the outcome of the election might be.
While many continue to campaign for peace at a time when violence hotspots continue to be closely monitored, there is widespread fear that violence might break out like it did in 2007.
This has seen many Kenyans exodus from the city and their homes to return to their rural homes where they believe there is little chance of violence breaking out
In prior reports, it was also seen that hundreds of body bags were sent to Kisumu county by a nongovernmental organization in preparation for any emergency.
Even more ghoulish, the coffin opened up and no one immediately climbed out:
This election is the most expensive, most contested one in Kenya’s history. The presidential race alone will pit seven candidates against each other.
However, the two main candidates to watch are incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta and NASA’s Raila Odinga.