Kenyan soccer legend, Dennis Oliech, has finally broken his silence after word went round that he is as poor as a church mouse.

This is after a photo of him emerged last week, showing him looking unkempt and haggard at a social event he was attending last weekend.

Speaking to SDE on Saturday, October 7, Oliech said that the photo that sparked wild rumours of his poverty was photo-shopped. That picture was photo shopped -Oliech finally responds to broke rumours

“I was at Koroga with friends and took several photos, and for one with a different shirt to appear is just ridiculous. I am not bothered with such childish claims. I don’t know why people are fixated with my life even if I take a low profile,” said Oliech.

The rumours gained so much attention that people begun remembering all the good deeds he did for his family, like paying over KSh 100 million for his mother’s treatment in France, and captaining the Kenyan national team in several victories as they remembered his good days.

“My family comes first, it has been my pillar through my career and I am very thankful for their support. My mum is