The wife of a Nyandurua county assembly staff was murdered and the body dumped a few metres from the assembly offices.

Preliminary investigations suggest that she was killed elsewhere before being dumped on the road.

“The body shows that she was brutally murdered. Her body was dumped in an overgrown grass along Ol Kalou-Gilgil road, about 300metres from the Assembly,” Nyandarua Central police boss Wilson Kosgei said.

Kosgei said that she was a mother of one.

“The location where the body was found is scene number two. We have not located scene number one. Scene number one must have been the actual place of murder,” Kosgei said

Kosgei described the incident as purely murder. Because there was blood oozing from the mouth and even the nose. It appears there was pressure from the back of her eyes and also she had swollen eyes and had marks of massive pressure on the face”.

The boss chief said postmortem results will reveal more together with her phone once it is traced.

Residents who saw the body also said the victim’s tongue was swollen and her neck had severe marks suggesting she was also strangled.

Her shoes were placed on the chest, and the exposed parts of the body had sunburns.

“Whoever killed her must have been well prepared to do it,”former Rurii MCA, Wahome Kamoche said.

The residents have called on police to expedite investigations to ensure justice for the victim.

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