The LORD Jehovah has spoken with me.  The LORD Jehovah Rophe, the LORD that Healeth Thee, Jehovah ‘Ori, the LORD my Light, Jehovah Hamelech, the LORD the King, He has spoken with me about a very, very important event.  And in this conversation, the LORD, He showed me a tremendous vision.
It’s a very huge statue very, very, very huge; very huge statue.  And I could see its feet of clay mixed with iron, and all this.  And this is a big statue  –huge, extremely huge– and then as I was looking at the statue, and all of a sudden a rock came in a slanting direction from the LORD.  A small rock came and smashed the statue, and the statue splashed when the rock came and hit it.   It smashed and splashed dust in a very unbelievable way.  And it was such a dust that the LORD allowed the dust to sprinkle on me, to pass on me the wave of the dust.  It was blown out by wind like chaff.  So the entire statute was disintegrated in a very, very short time, in a flash like in a twinkling of an eye.

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