Laughing after having sex or having sex is normal and is very evident to women, although it is said that men are crying too  According to experts, there are several reasons why a woman is crying or filled with grief after having sex, and one of the causes is hormones that the human body produces at that time

Have you ever been involved in dating and discovering that your partner has just gone, after a long time of enjoyment? According to scientists, it is normal. Another study has shown that between 7 percent and 7 percent and 37 percent of women have ever been able to cry after having sex. Occasionally, men also cry. Women's reasons to cry after having sex!One expert described the situation as “a state of which a woman fails to control herself and to cry out for no reason, especially after being planted with pleasure-giving,  or at the maximum of comfortWomen's reasons to cry after having sex!

Have you ever imagined that your ‘skill’ was the cause of a woman’s crying after having sex? Very sorry!  However, one expert has said that the reality of the future and sexually transmitted ideas as soon as it is sexually intimidating can make a woman cry, though she insists that the woman’s cry after having sex is normal!